The Good and the Bad

Ok, I’ll start with the bad news…

So just as I was getting ready to blog my little heart out–I spilled coffee ALL over my laptop. So as of right now, the poor thing is in Ohio or something where the Mac guys are *attempting* to fix it.

SO basically I’ve lost all material I was going to put up. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they can fix it (the “genius” at mac said they might not even be able to) but in the mean time new blog posts will be spare. Hang tight!

And now onto the good news!

This summer, I will be guest blogging for College Fashionista, a website that covers, wait for it, College Fashions! (Wouldn’t you never have guessed?!) My title is actually “Style Guru” (how funny is that? I definitely do not consider myself a guru, but if they do I certainly won’t object)

So look out for some fun posts that will be a little different then the posts here on TSE (I, of course, will let you all know when I have a new post up) and if you desire, you can follow CF on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. (While you’re there, follow me too!)

Guess What’s in the Box?!

Guess! Guess!

Ok, fine, I’ll tell you…

Aren’t they just the bestest?
I couldn’t resist giving a sneak peak–there will be a very exciting post on them up sometime soon (I only got them today, after all)
If you follow me on twitter, you know that getting these is nearly IMPOSSIBLE. Literally, ONE store I found had one pair. Not even the Prada store had ’em. These are such a hot commodity (And so, by owning them, I feel so special).