All The Pretty Photographers

During Fashion Week, some of the people with the best style are actually the people taking all the street style photos. And as a side note, I love getting photographs of photographers taking photos of other photographers photographing people.

I just love him.


StyleMint Stripes

StyleMint T
J Brand Jeans
Juicy Couture Booties
Vintage Necklace
Happy Monday Everyone! Just kidding, there’s really not anything that wonderful about Mondays. I know I haven’t posted an outfit in a while, what with Fashion Week going on and stuff, nbd. Mad props to all the other street style photographers who braved the frozen arctic tundra weather New York decided to turn on just in time for Fashion Week,  and turn off just once it was over. It was legitimately freezing out there, my fingers are still recovering from the frostbite I got through my gloves. Anyways, those photos are still comin’, (sorry for the slowness of it all) so keep your peepers out.
In the meantime, remember the StyleMint advertorial I told you about? I actually got to pick 1 2 3 Ts to style, so here is the second look. I really love this T, it reminds me of Prada circa Spring 2011 aka Minimal Baroque aka the most amazing show ever. 

Also, in other super exciting news, one of my photos (the one of Hanneli in her beautiful pastel coat) has made it onto the Fashion and Style section of The New York Times. Which is, if I do say so myself, pretty awesome. I’m really excited about it, and just wanted to share!
Hopefully that’ll make the start of your week just a little better. And if it doesn’t, think of how BRyan Seacrest felt when he had Kim Jong il’s ashes spilled on him last night. Or how everyone else felt when The Artist and Hugo won everything. Better? Happy Monday!