Paul et Joe, Paris

The other day I went into Paul et Joe Sister and Homme in the Marais in Paris, and what a cute store! I had never really given this brand much thought, and boy I was missing out. The women’s clothes are girly, fun, and have a little vintage kick to them- as do the mens. The Men’s clothing is absolutely fabulous- it is different than what you see everyday- Pink, blue, and patterned blazers, textured pants, and soft sweaters, all in great colors and fun patterns. It’s pretty fantastic.

I was so lucky in that the owner/designers son, Adrien, happened to pop in, so we all got talking, and he told us all about the brand and even showed us the cookbook for next spring (which is pretty fabulous). In addition to Men and Sister (which a lower priced, younger line) they also have just Paul et Joe, Kids, and beauty. I highly suggest you check it out- whether online or in a store- the one I visited was at 55 Rue ville du temple in Paris.