The Un-Swimsuit by Hervé Léger. Really?

Imagine receiving this swimsuit in your lovely box from the lovely Net-A-Porter, trying it on, examining it on your bangin’ bod , cutting off the tags that make it un-returnable, then reading the tag, and realize that this swimsuit CAN’T GO IN WATER?! Yes, this suit comes with a tag that reads, “To get the best from your Hervé Legér beachwear we advise you do not wear it in water.”

But really now? What’s the point of having a $1,000 swimsuit if you can’t swim in it and it’ll give you weird tan lines? Actually, what’s the point of having a $1,000 swimsuit at all? You wouldn’t even be able to go in the ocean once without ruining it.

But let’s get back to the real point of this, why on earth would anyone ever MAKE a non-swimming-suit? I mean, that is just utterly ridiculous. I’m all for fashion that doesn’t make sense, like McQueen heels, but this? No. Just…no.

Images via Net-A-Porter

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