Amidst Everything Else…

Amidst all the other excitement in my always-hectic life right now (School, CFS, Spring Fling- oh I haven’t posted on that yet…don’t fret, my pets, coming soon!) I am also MOVING! Not far, mind you, just out of the dorms and around the corner (basically). 
I’ll still reside in the amazing West Village, one of my favorite spots in NYC, so luckily I won’t have to subject all my shoes to too much moving pain…

But here is the first shot of me, looking very dirty-grunge-y-I-just-had-class-for-9-hours-gross in my new, HUGE closet (huge in relation to my dorm closet, at least). I really cannot wait to start moving my wardrobe.

And let me assure you, this is the first of many apartment posts to come…but for now, just a tiny preview.

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