You’ve been #fryespotted

To celebrate to opening of their new Soho Flagship store, The Frye Company is doing a few pop-up stores around NYC and fryespotting, where they take fabulous pictures of fabulous people trying on their fabulous boots. Or, already in their fabulous boots and just walking around the fabulous city. Isn’t it fabulous?
Anyways, CollegeFashionista and Frye did an event today with the founder and editor of CollegeFashionista, Amy. Amy photographed the stylish event go-ers, and in the end will pick who she thinks was most stylish, and that lucky fashionista will win a pair of boots. (I say will because she is still deciding).
Luckily, I got some behind the scenes photos (I was also busy running around interviewing everyone) for you all to see! Aren’t you just dying for a pair of Frye’s now? I am. Well, another pair at least…

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