Matching Birkins

Sara and Bob and their Birkins. Aren’t they all just the cutest?

They were both on the wait-list for like, three whole weeks to get these. It was so torturous.
As a legal sidenote, it should be noted that these are not real Hermes Birkin Bags, nor did Sara or Bob have to be on a wait list for them, nor is Hermes very happy about these ThusdayFriday bags, since they, you know, sued the company

If you want to get one of these bags, good luck, since they aren’t actually being produced anymore because of, you know, the lawsuit.

If you want a real Birkin…again, good luck. You could go to their website….oh wait, like Hermes would let you order a Birkin online. Could you even imagine that checkout? Expected delivery: 6-10 years. Awesome.

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