well that’s an awkward abbreviation…

Anyways, last night was the CollegeFashionista x LF x Steve Madden partay to celebrate the launch of LF x Steve Madden. (wow, so many x’s). Instead of taking lots of fabulous pictures showing what a fabulous party it was, I was busy posing in a studded denim jacket (which I loved, but after my sister told me it ‘belonged in a dumpster’ I decided not to get it.  I’ll probably stud an old denim jacket I have anyways. I’m really into 90’s grunge right now). So here are those photos of my darling friend Sara and I prancing around in studs and denim and fur and other glorious and sometime dangerous materials. 

That’s what we do at parties in clothing stores- try on clothes and take photos, not socialize. So if you ever invite me to a party in a clothing store, don’t say I didn’t tell you so. 

 You’ve already seen this one, but I put it back in anyways.
You’re welcome!

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