Couture Round Up, Day 3

or, “The End”.

What can be said about this Red-Carpet-faveorite that hasn’t been said before? His dresses are beautiful, light, flowing, sparkly, and all together captivatingly gorgeous. His collection today showcased his ethereal dresses in a rainbow of pastel colors, with the occasional and somewhat odd floral print thrown in. It was refreshing to see a few shorter cocktail frocks among the longer gowns, though their lack of length made them no less dazzling than their longer counterparts. There were a few cape-y like things, and nearly each dress had a thin patent-leather-looking-belt-looking-thing which distracted from the rest of the dress a bit, but other than that, another job well done.

Gaultier’s most recent couture collection showcased suits draped in unusual and sort of falling apart ways, corsets, veils, colored wigs, models smoking cigarettes, lace, florals, neon, a sassy Karlie Kloss, and a lot of Amy Winehouse. And that being said, well, there’s not much more to say. The concept of hard-edged femininity was evident,  woven beautifully into Gaultier’s signature androgyny. Some of the best looks were the sportier ones (read: the red and white leather jacket resembling a letterman jacket, but less puffy and more chic). The designers tribute to Amy was done well, and how sweet that all the models came out in the end in veils. A Marvelous collection, even though it isn’t what one would typically think of when thinking of Haute Couture (the obvious thoughts drift into Elie Saab and Dior territory).

Prarie Chic is the first thing that comes to mind for the Valentino Couture collection. While this description may not conjure up the most glamourous images, Valentino did it in the most glamous way, infusing their feminine and youthful-yet-grown-up aesthetic with dulled prints of flowers and wildlife, printed on silks and chiffons instead of cottons. The romantic vibe was kept alive with longer dresses and lovely lace and fluid materials that floated down the runway with the utmost grace. Mainly white in color, it was a refreshing end to Couture Week and all the neons that have been going on, and proved to be another beautiful collection for Maria Grazia Chiui and Pier Paolo Piccoli. 

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