Louis Vuitton x Marc Jacobs

Whether you love Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs or not (but who wouldn’t?) you must give this exhibit a visit if you are in Paris. It chronicles both the achievements of Louis and his son Georges Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs as the creative director since 1997. For a Louis lover like myself, this exhibit was amazing- I could not get enough of those trunks! They even had one with M.L. on it- I definitely need that, birthday present anyone? 
The first floor was all Vuitton, and the second all Jacobs. Each was laid out beautifully and innovatively. There were mini garments to showcase what a daily outfit consisted of in the 1800’s, pieces x-rayed, a wall of video inspiration, models with animals heads, and the list goes on. Definitely worth it to give this exhibit a look.
I die for this suit.

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