Film’s Not Dead

Scanned ImageI love film photography. I love looking through the lens and manually adjusting it. I love not being able to see the image right after I take it- the waiting builds suspense. I love playing around with different film cameras, though I do have a special spot in my heart for my vintage Asahi Pentax K1000.  There’s something magical about film that digital just doesn’t have, so I’ve decided to start a little re-occurring column showing a few of my film photos. Above and below are the very first contact sheets I ever developed (about 6 years ago) which led to my discovery and start of my love with the Holga Camera. The Holga is basically just a cheap plastic camera and uses 120mm film, which means it produces square images. You also control the shutter speed and roll the film yourself – therefore allowing you to play around with overlapping images or double exposures.


P.S.  I also want to add a little disclaimer- these film images have not been retouched or altered in any way in order to preserve the integrity of what a film photo is and stands for.

Scanned Image 3Scanned Image 5