Parsons Panel 2014

At Parsons, we spend our entire senior year working on a small collection of 4-6 looks (or more if you can magically make more time and sleep appear) and gearing up to present at Panel in front of a panel (gasp!) of industry experts. Not only is it a chance for the seniors to show off their hard work, it is also a competition. The best womenswear, menswear, and childrenswear designers are selected to be considered for Designer of The Year, an extremely prestigious award.

I specialized in childrenswear design at Parsons, and got to serve as the official photographer for my sections childrenswear panel. These are only a few of the images I took, and only a small selection of students from our class, including of course the nominees for Childrenswear DOY- Grace Kang, Erica Kim, and Ashley Chang. Spoiler alert! A huge congratulations to these three awesome ladies and especially to Ashley Chang for bringing home the win!




Grace Kang (above)

Seul Lee (below)IMG_9341 IMG_9361
Monica ChangIMG_9248
Winnie TsoIMG_9534
Ashley ChangIMG_9568 IMG_9587
Nicole K├╝eckIMG_9380
Erica KimIMG_9476 IMG_9445