USA Today: Parsons is the Fashion Epicenter

So, no big deal or anything, but here is my second article about fashion at Parsons in USA Today! I feel so published and important.

At Parsons The New School for Design, fashion runs deep. It is on our minds, in our hearts (and homework) and, most importantly, on our bodies. We live, breath and die for fashion, because it is what we love.
You get an array of fashionable students, everyone from hardcore glamazons to laid-back thrift store-ers. In the span of just one day I’ll see crocodile Celine bags (yes, the ones that cost more than a small car), vintage Chanel of any kind, heels that make you nervous just looking at them and enough hair product to last a lifetime. But I also see jeans, T-shirts, sneakers and sometimes — though very rarely — a sweatshirt, albeit a designer one. There is no shortage of fashion, whether high or low, at Parsons.
This dude’s outfit is a great example of something I see every day at Parsons. Though there are guys at both ends of the high-low spectrum, there are also the students who fit right in the middle, me being one myself. Not too crazy, but still fashionable and on trend.
This look is fairly basic, but still stylish. The choice of black jeans is a great one; they look polished and clean but are still comfortable enough for everyday wear. Black jeans are also extremely versatile and can go from day to night easily. I, and some of my male peers might personally prefer the pink jeans, but that might not fly in a city other than NYC.
He paired his black jeans with black leather sneakers, which is also very fashionable yet practical. When running around in a city like New York, heels, though we love them, are sometimes not the easiest. And, yes, there are male students at Parsons who wear heels.
The choice of a button down in a fun plaid and a cardigan is another chic choice. Cardigans are not only for women anymore; the male cardigan is coming back and it is a fabulous look, especially when paired with a button-down. I personally like the crazier plaids, but that might just be me. Also, a word about fit (I do go to fashion school, after all) J.Crew and Bonobos are better for slimmer guys, while Vineyard Vines is better for those a little bigger. The overall effect is refined yet laid-back. The whole look reads casual, comfortable and a little bit edgy. A winning combination.


I know I’ve been doing some text heavy posts lately, so I wanted to give your eyes a break from all that small text with some pictures of Lauren, looking very cute in her mixed neutrals and wearing HEELS in spite of the rain (and just to put it in perspective, I was wearing leggings and rain boots). Enjoy!

An outtake-
Isn’t she the cutest?

And my apologies for the lack of posts lately, I’m back in California for 48 hours for 2 HUGE events, so I’ve been extra busy. BUT to make it up to you all, there will soon be a downpour of posts from said 48 hours.

My Clunky Wooden Shoes

After 6 weeks of inhaling sawdust,
and spending all my time in the wood shop,
I finally finished my shoes!

They are super impractical
 (but then again, what shoes are practical?)
and the bottom is cutout in the shape of a foot,
(part of the requirement of the project was 
that we make a stamping device)
so it looks like I was walking barefoot in the streets.
Hope you all love them!

Many thanks to my fabulous friend Mikaela for the pictures,
and my 3D teacher Charles for the idea and help.