Jumping for Joy and Other Shenanigans

Dress dyed by yours truly
Prada Glasses

Summer has arrived! And guess what that means? Time for jumping-in-the-street-pictures! Just kidding! (not really), in all seriousness, yes it is summer, time to break out the DIY-ed tie-dye. Hooray! I’m jumping for joy (literally).
So here is me. Jumping for joy and celebrating summer in my brand new and super shiny Prada Sunnies, which I am totally obsessed with even though they are a bit silly.
Also I am sporting a totally cool Regal Rose ring and some other various baubles and items of decor.

And on another note, that first picture of ME where I am super posey-and-cute-right? is the picture for my CollegeFashionista Bio! So make sure to check it out if you want to know my entire life story in 250 words or less.

All Saints Sunday

All Saints Spitalfields is by far one of my FAVORITE (british) stores/ brands in existence. Their clothes are exquisite, and have such a unique flair to them. Not to mention, their stores are so cute. The first time I ever went into one was because of the antique sewing machines in the windows. And I. Love. Antique. Sewing. Machines.
Anyways, this is where I spent my sunday, and where I wish I could spend every day…

Seriously, if these antique machines don’t 
make you want to go in I don’t know what will…
IPads in the store…aren’t they just the hippest?

Baby Shoe
Baby Dress
More baby clothes.
I’m so in love.

Dressing room hanger, perfection.
The most perfect leather and sheepskin jacket ever.

The drapey perfection and amazing prints
that are All Saints.

And in the end…

What did I walk away with? Well, you’ll see soon enough. I can’t reveal everything all in one post now…