Balenciaga x Comme des Garcons

Balenciaga and Rei Kawakubo for  Comme des Garcons are certainly an unlikely pair, through they make for one (almost 2) great exhibition(s). The Balenciaga x Comme des Garcons exhibits really have nothing to do with each other; they are in separate rooms and are displayed in the most unparalleled way ever, though you don’t just go to one and ignore the other. The Balenciaga side has pieces made and owned by Cristobal Balenciaga, and includes garments, accessories, and sketches. It’s funny to see how history repeats itself in Nicolas Ghesquiere’s recent collections for Balenciaga (hello, Darth-Vadar-Visor-Hat) and is astonishing to see if nothing else than for the beauty of Balenciaga’s garments.
Walking into the Comme des Garcons side of the exhibition was like walking into a completely different world. Garments from Kawakubo’s Spring 2012 collection, all in white, were showcased in big, clear bubbles. Think a hamster ball blow up to twice-human size. But in a good way- it was very cool, and contrasted nicely with the historic-inspired yet thoroughly modern look of Kawakubo’s clothing. The clothing, while creepy at times, was eerily beautiful, and made even more interesting by the seclusion provided by the bubbles. 

Hilfiger HQ

Yesterday I had the privilege of going to the Tommy Hilfiger Headquarters on 26th.
My friend Jenna was invited, and brought some girlfriends, including me, along for the ride.
It was amazing.
We got a brief history of the company and then got to tour the main floors, 
and, as a special privilege, got to go up to the current fall showrooms.
Here are just a few of the pictures, I took about 150. 


 Tommy’s Office

 Board for next Holiday season

 Another board..beautiful!

 Laundry bags?

 A mens look for Macy’s

 Showroom for Macy’s

 New York board 

 Loved this door

 Uptown/ Downtown board

 Just one of the amazing views from the offices


 T-Shirt/ Graphic Designs

 There was clothing everywhere


 More clothes around the offices…

 Vintage patches

 Vintage cowboy boots, very American, very Hilfiger.


 Another vintage piece. I would die to rock that bustier.

 Hilfiger guitar


 More Archive

 Vintage leather jacket

 Vintage leather vest

Editorial Showroom!