Dressing For: Outside Lands

Outside Lands is pretty much like any other music festival in that your inner hippie gets to come out, except this time it has to come out slightly more clothed. San Francisco, home of the Hippies, is at it’s foggiest in the summer (so if you are planning a visit, wait until October or November), so more than just a bathing suit top is required. While it won’t be raining, layers and jackets are highly recommended, especially as you go from morning (foggy) to midday (sunny/warmish) to night (cold).

Jersey Maxi Dress (1) is always a good option, as are something a little more substantial for the leg area, like AllSaints Paradise Leggings (2), or BDG’s Embroidered Cigarette Jeans (3) and Maroon High Rise Cigarette Jeans (4). Next layer a sweater like Wildfox Couture’s worn-chic Lennon Sweater (5) or Isabel Marant’s sporty-cool Cilla Crochet Lace Pullover (6) over a tank, a Woven Bustier (7), or a Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt (8), which could also go over a tank top that has a bustier under it. Layering! In addition or instead of, depending on your body temperature and the weather, a sweater coat- Flower Power Cardi (9)– or a real coat- QSW Beach Blanket Coat (11) will keep you nice and toasty. If you really want to go all out, though, the Isabel Marant Miel Suede Fringed Jacket (12) is pretty much the perfect thing, for any facet of life.

Footwear for this occasion includes Billy Short Boots (13)Ankle Boot with Studded Toe (14), and Superga’s 2750 Metallic Sneakers (16), because even hippies need a little metallic in their lives. Moccasins are also acceptable. You might also see birkenstocks, which are not acceptable, ever, but hippies will be hippies. Ski-like socks-Marled Boot Sock (17)– are fully acceptable, especially if casually poking out of one’s boots. Keep your neck either fashionable or warm with Dannijo’s Brielle Necklace (10) and AllSaints Blossom Decay Scarf (15). Your wrists will probably be cold anyways, so go ahead and jewel those up with an awesome Vintage Marana Cuff (19), or any other vintage or wild-west-inspired thing. The Hepcat Shades (18) might not be vintage or wild west, but they are still cool. And, of course, one needs a backpack at these sort of festival like things, so here you go-Tribal Leather Flap Backpack (20).