PFW: Dior AW11

So, in case you didn’t know, 
or have been living under a rock recently,
there has been a lot of controversy surrounding 
John Galliano and Dior.
He allegedly made racist remarks, which he denies
Then got suspended from Dior.
Then a video of him surfaced, where he states that he “loves Hitler”.
He was then promptly fired from Dior,
and will stand trial, since, in Paris, such remarks are illegal.

The opinions of the Fashion Elite are divided;
 some are disgusted
some have jumped to his defense, saying that he only said these things because 
he was obviously provoked and under the influence, 
some remain mum ( Nicola and Gaga, I’m looking at you),
and a select few (Pat Field) think it’s all just a farce.

The future of the John Galliano Line (which is funded by LVMH)
 is, for the moment, unsure
and there is no successor so far,
but for Dior, the show must go on.

And go on it did.
And it was fantastic.
However you feel about the remarks, you cannot deny that Galliano,
and the team at Dior, are pure genius.
Although it is unclear how much is of the collection is
Galliano, and how much is the design team,
 it is gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

Above Images via Style

Watch the Show here

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