CFS 2011

CFS 2011.
It’s going to be be the biggest fashion event on the west coast of the year.
 And it’s happenning in exactly 4 weeks.

Last year, I was one of several up-and coming designers to show in Charity Fashion Show, or CFS. 
I made a small collection of several looks, and I must say, it was the experience of a lifetime. 
For someone as young and inexperienced in the fashion industry as I, events like showing in the largest fashion show on the west coast are just, well, incredible. 
And not only that, but I was also lucky enough to work with stylist
Brooke Smith, who is truly amazing at what she does. 
Needless to say, this event is very near and dear to my heart.

This year, CFS is making some BIG changes. After two fantastic years of success at Stanford University, they have moved to San Francisco. And the venue for this fashionable event?

Each year, CFS selects a beneficiary (hence the charity part), 
and this year the proceeds are going towards the Princess Project
which gifts prom dresses to high school girls that would not be able to otherwise afford them, 
giving each girl the opportunity to feel like the princess she is.

CFS has had big name sponsors, such as Equinox, Neiman Marcus, O.P.I., Monster, and PopChips in the past, and this year, the list is going to get even bigger and better. With names like Smartwater and Artesa Winery already on board, the list is just getting started. And the list of designers, which so far includes Magdalena Trever and Frock LA, will also only get bigger and better.

Directors Thom Scher, Stephanie Werner, Brooke Smith, and Saroya Whately are 
“committed to making this year’s production one that goes down in San Francisco History” 
(Taken from the press release), and Thom maintains that 
Charity Fashion Show is going to be unreal. Huge sponsors. Awesome designers. The press list is packed with major magazines, bloggers, and buyers. Everyday I learn that someone else is flying in. Missing it would be missing the show of the decade”

So, if your on the west coast, or even if you’re not (in which case you should fly in), 
get your tickets now, because they won’t last long.

Visit CFS online for more information.

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