Fusion 2011

The show that pits Parsons against FIT.
I was super excited for it, and I have to say, I was a little let down.
I’ll save my comments for how the event itself could be improved,
because most of that would be boring unless you had been there,
and I’ll only comment on the fashion,
which is mostly what it is about anyways.

I know I’m no Karl Lagerfeld or DVF or Marc,
but I know the challenges of making a collection in so short a time
(the designers had only a few months). 
I know that in general it is hard to make a collection,
 or even sew a garment,
especially if you have received little or no training,
which was the case with many of 
Fusion’s designers, since Fusion is only open to
first and second year students from both schools.
So for that, I was sincerely impressed. I am fully aware that
 there was not enough time,and probably not enough training, 
so taking that into consideration, these collections were great.


I saw a lot of poor construction. I know these guys aren’t professional,
but really, come on.  I was up front, and 
I spoke to some friends after who said they also
noticed the poor construction, and they were several rows away.

I also saw a lot of ill-fitting shorts, 
(which I got no pictures of because I was too busy
trying to figure out why someone would stuff
their model in a fancy diaper three sizes too small)
Strange color combinations,
Weird concepts made weirder by the designs, 
resulting in just way too much weirdness
(a girl can only take so much),
and out of date designs 
(who decided that bringing the Gone with the Wind 
dress style back was a good idea?)

Now, that isn’t to say that every collection was:
poorly constructed,
had diaper-shorts,
bad colors,
too much weirdness,
or was out of date.

I did like some things I saw. There was a lot of great menswear,
(which I also neglected to snap due to the fact that the bad menswear was distracting me)
some interesting pieces, like a skirt that had a cover
that turned around and revealed practically a whole new skirt,
 and some beautiful, simple pieces with good color combinations.

Maybe I am just too critical, or maybe my standards are too high, 
since some guests I talked to really enjoyed it,
but I guess that’s just me.

But take a look for yourselves at some of the pictures from last night,
and see what you think.

 Menswear. Love. Mostly.

 Antler chastity belt?

 Are antlers the new fur?
Oh…wait…just kidding…

Basically, the top stayed the same, in weird shape and volume at least.
The skirt is really what changed. And by changed,
I mean got covered in streamers.

She makes rope sexy.

 Menswear from last years winner.
Its obvious why he won.

 Menswear from this year.
I know women don’t want to make their hips look big,
but this doesn’t mean that men want to.

 This model was a trooper.
Her shoe came off,
so she picked it up and kept walking, without limping.
A+ my dear.

Sort of cool. Sort of weird. Sort of remind me on something my
mom had before she rid herself of bad vacation clothing. 
Might have been better if the girl in the back didn’t look
so damn bored.

Very Michael Kors. Very nice.

I’m tempted to call this the pillow dress.

The only time I like seeing wings on a runway is when
they accompany very little clothing, and are not made of feathers.
And by this, I mean the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

 Feathers…she looks like a swan…hmmm
That theme is starting to get overdone.

What’s that? Oh. More feathers.
This skirt was cool though, in that it is the skirt where 
the cover flipped around to reveal the feathers.
I do love a good element of surprise.

 I think I’ve found what my grandmother is wearing for Easter.
If it was still cold enough for sweater tights in April…
And we were on a ranch, where fringe is generally accepted…
And she had a collection of small pet birds.

Didn’t like this color combo (it turned out different in the photo though)
But I did like the shape and movement of the dress

I like your tassle.

Now those are some sexy ass pants.
Your hips look great. So…wide…

I would say your hips also look great,
but I can’t see them.

Obviously this is fabulous. 
I mean, why would you want the dress to zip up?
This way, it’s so much easier to get off!

This is what I want to be for halloween next year.
I’ll tell everyone I’m a sexy cop/ sexy black swan/ clown with sexy pants.

 From Darth Vadar…

To…um…well…anyone have any association ideas?

The back makes the association thing even more complicated…

And that’s all folks.
I welcome any disagreements, comments, arguments, whatever.
I know I’m not always right.
Just like Miley, I’m sorry, I’m not perfect.

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