SF Rooftop

My family and I recently stayed at a friend’s house in San Francsico (don’t you love summer?) and fro some amazing reason, the weather was incredible. Summer’s in SF aren’t usually warm and sunny, in fact, they are notoriously foggy. But this weekend was bee-oo-teeful, and I wrangled my sister into taking my photos on the rooftop of our house. Pretty no?

Recently – As told by my iPhone

To update you all on my super-exciting life, I have enlisted the help of photos taken by my trusty iPhone.

I basically got caught in a Will Smith mob. It was terrifying.
But I did get a good pic…right?

I had to show em off again.


Love Chelsea Market.

My super exciting wrist.

Ok. Really? Can you honestly tell me you’ve ever seen a car with legit Croc interior?
Me neither.

What about plaid interior? Have you seen that before?
No. Probably not.

My pass to get up to Levi’s HQ.
I felt quite official.

7-UP. The Uncola.

I want a muffin from here, just because of the bike.

Basically my new shoe uniform.

Invite to LuisaViaRoma Firenze4Ever closing party.
Really wish I lived in Italy right about now…

I mean.
Come on.
These are just. Amazing.