Recently – As told by my iPhone

To update you all on my super-exciting life, I have enlisted the help of photos taken by my trusty iPhone.

I basically got caught in a Will Smith mob. It was terrifying.
But I did get a good pic…right?

I had to show em off again.


Love Chelsea Market.

My super exciting wrist.

Ok. Really? Can you honestly tell me you’ve ever seen a car with legit Croc interior?
Me neither.

What about plaid interior? Have you seen that before?
No. Probably not.

My pass to get up to Levi’s HQ.
I felt quite official.

7-UP. The Uncola.

I want a muffin from here, just because of the bike.

Basically my new shoe uniform.

Invite to LuisaViaRoma Firenze4Ever closing party.
Really wish I lived in Italy right about now…

I mean.
Come on.
These are just. Amazing.

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