60 Hours Later

Dorm sweet dorm 

I’m back in New York after 60 exhausting but amazing hours in California. Just to give you all a brief rundown, I left Thursday night, and starting at 9am on Friday was my family’s annual Spring Fling, a charity event for Juvenile Diabetes. I got to bed around 1 (4am New York time) after 3 outfit changes and a super hectic day.
I got a little rest in on Saturday before running off to Charity Fashion Show, which sadly I had to leave early to be able to catch my flight. Then our driver missed the exit to the airpot, and to top it all of I forgot my flats, so I was running through the airport in my heels and leather pants, looking just a tad ridiculous. Luckily, I made my flight and slept the whole way, waking up to a beautiful New York sunrise outside my window.
Like I said, this is just a brief rundown, trust me when I say I have fantastic posts for every part of the weekend coming soon, but for now I have to worry about my homework…

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