Spring Fling X 2011: Golf

So as you all know, I was in California for a jam packed 60 hours this weekend for several amazing events. The first of these was Spring Fling, a charity event for JDRF that my family started 10 years ago. It grew from a small bowling party to a golf tournament and evening bash, and a ladies lunch was added a few years later, resulting in a full day event of non-stop fun and fundraising.

This year, our tenth year, the theme was eXtreme (get it?) and the colors were orange and purple, as you can probably tell from the photos below.

This post is just on the golf tournament section of the event. I know you’re all dying to know who won, and the fivesome that took home the gold, so to speak, had a total score of 55, which as you golf-fanatics know, is quite something. They did purchase 100, or $5000 worth mulligans, or do-overs, so there was a bit of speculation as to how legit the win was…In any case, it was all in good fun, and the weather was fabulous this year, unlike last year when it was practically hurricane-ing.
And don’t worry, later on I’ll have posts of the Lunch and the Evening Bash, as well as what I wore to both.

For now, enjoy the golf pictures!

 Who wants the Ferrari?
 Cigars and lollipops for the golfers
 A member of the Stanford FleetStreet Acapella Group,
Who was nice enough to let me take a picture of his
Two sporty and cute event go-ers
Love the color combo.

Next post involves the most stylish woman you will ever see on a golf course. Ever.

3 thoughts on “Spring Fling X 2011: Golf

  1. It was such an awesome day! I loved every minute of it and I'm almost sad that it's over! Lots of love an eXtreme gratitude to you and your lovely family!!!! XXXXOOO

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