The Prada Outlet

Yesterday I had the most glorious trip to the Prada outlet. I cannot even begin to describe the joy it brought to me. It was organized so well, looked like a store, and had an amazing stock, nothing junky or gross like what you might think of when hearing outlet. I literally could have spent the entire day (not just 4 hours) there. I was in heaven amongst especially the shoes (Miu Miu’s are my favorites).

I definitely forgot about taking photos (blame all the merchandise, it was distracting me) but I did manage to snap a few. Despite the lack of photos, I highly recommend it ( it is about 45 mins. outside of Firenze). As in, I would totally go again right now if you asked me.

One small glimpse 🙂
One (yes, one) of the shoe sections.
A necklace I tried on.
Pretty sick right?
A present for the Mama 🙂
A little glimpse at what I got; my first Prada!!
Can you guess what it was?

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