Currently Craving: Evening Bags That Actually Function

As every girl undoubtedly knows, trying to find an evening bag to hold all your stuff is nearly impossible. Everyone always says all you need is your cellphone, lipstick, and ID/Credit card. Sounds small and cute and compact right? Wrong. In reality, you need a bag that will hold your cellphone, lipstick, coverup, perfume, ID, credit card, cash, gum, keys, and, if you’re like me, some emergency sugar and snacks. And even if you do only have the first three, a cellphone can be bigger than most evening bags (see: Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy).

Currently Craving: Shoes from the Barney’s Warehouse Sale

So I was going to do a post covering the entirety of the Barney’s Warehouse Sale, online for the first time ever, but then I got to the shoe section and it all went to hell. There are too many pairs and so little blog space to show them with, especially if combined with clothing, the horror! Instead, what you see below is a nice little collection from the sensational shoe section available to us all now! Not just those in New York and Los Angeles! (Though I was enjoying being part of that club). The Barney’s Warehouse Sale is my favorite time of the year (when it happens, at least, since Couture time is a have when that happens, and fashion week time, and so on). But I digress. Now, see for yourselves, and relish in the show glory.

First we have ChloĆ©, with the Chunky Criss-Cross Wedge (1) -which, I might add, I have shown before-and the Snakeskin Platform Sandal (2), if you prefer something more delicate. Continuing on with yellow, we have Phillip Lim’s Espie (3) and then Rag & Bone’s Hanalei Ballet Flats (4) which aren’t yellow, but fell next to the yellow shoes because they are flats, just like the pair before them. In continuation with the now blue theme we have going, we have Manolo Blahnik’s Pamukfac (10) and the Alexander Wang Aida (5), whose textured pieces might start molting like a bird does, in which case the shoes would be ever sicker.

Moving on from shedding shoes we have Haider Ackermann, who just kills it in everything he does, and in particular with these Laser Cut (6) and Brocade (7) Oxfords, which are particularly amazing in that your ankles will be saved from blisters due to the lack of a back in the shoe, which also make you look like you don’t care that your expensive oxfords are folded down to save you blisters, which, in turn, makes you the coolest ever.

If you prefer a Chunky Shoe, meet Sergio Rossi’s Sandal (8), Rag & Bone’s Cutout Platform Sandal (9), and both Proenza Schoulers Slingback (11) and Slingback Cutout (12) Platform Wedges. They are your new best friends. And last but not least, though not chunky, is Pierre Hardy’s Cube Mask Sandal (13).