Currently Craving: Evening Bags That Actually Function

As every girl undoubtedly knows, trying to find an evening bag to hold all your stuff is nearly impossible. Everyone always says all you need is your cellphone, lipstick, and ID/Credit card. Sounds small and cute and compact right? Wrong. In reality, you need a bag that will hold your cellphone, lipstick, coverup, perfume, ID, credit card, cash, gum, keys, and, if you’re like me, some emergency sugar and snacks. And even if you do only have the first three, a cellphone can be bigger than most evening bags (see: Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy).

Currently Craving: JewelMint’s New Collective

Just in case JewelMint wasn’t cool enough already, they’ve just gotten cooler. For those who don’t know, JewelMint is a part of the infamous Mint family of websites (StyleMint, ShoeMint, etc.) In fact, it has the distinct honor of being the first of the ‘mints’. Sign up and each month, you receive a selection of curated pieces picked just for you. You select what you want and thats that! And the best part? Each piece is only $29.99. After your first purchase, you are charged every month. If you don’t want anything that month, you can simply opt to skip it. And if you forget to skip it, you are given a credit.¬†JewelMint offers some pretty great pieces, but now they are offering even more thanks to the new JewelMint Collective.

Currently Craving: The Union Jack

You know, I love the Union Jack. It is, in my opinion, pretty much the coolest flag ever. And what better place to wear it loud and proud than in London?! We start off with the Charlotte Olympia Jubilee Pandora (1), appropriately british and celebratory. Alexander McQueen has quite a few Union Jack bags, like the De Manta Clutch (2),  Classic Britannia (5) and Crystal Britannia (6), for those who prefer something a little sparklier. The Keep Calm and Carry On Union Jack iPhone Case (3) couldn’t be cooler, and, fun fact, did you know the Keep Calm and Carry on Poster was never really popular or widely used in the War? Yet it is so popular today.
For a more subtle flag print, the Vivienne Westwood Union Jack Printed Gown (4) is perfect. We jump right down to 7 (see 5 and 6 above) and into puddles in our Hunter Vintage Union Jack Wellies (7). In terms of actually, wear-every-day clothes, the options include Religion Union Jack Skinny jeans (8) (which are only really wearable if you’re the super daring sort) and Markus Lupfer’s Union Jack Bag Sequined Sweater (9), which is just daring enough yet totally cool.