Currently Craving: JewelMint’s New Collective

Just in case JewelMint wasn’t cool enough already, they’ve just gotten cooler. For those who don’t know, JewelMint is a part of the infamous Mint family of websites (StyleMint, ShoeMint, etc.) In fact, it has the distinct honor of being the first of the ‘mints’. Sign up and each month, you receive a selection of curated pieces picked just for you. You select what you want and thats that! And the best part? Each piece is only $29.99. After your first purchase, you are charged every month. If you don’t want anything that month, you can simply opt to skip it. And if you forget to skip it, you are given a credit. JewelMint offers some pretty great pieces, but now they are offering even more thanks to the new JewelMint Collective.
This new collective is a curated marketplace of over 50 indie jewelry designers, and features over 2,000 pieces. Pieces range from the standard $29.99 – $300. But you don’t have to spend that much to find a great piece- there are so many options for under $100 and even under $50. And there is truly something for everyone; you will find boho pieces, classic pieces, but most importantly, pieces that are different. Due to the low stock of all the pieces you are guaranteed to find something your friends definitely will not have. Prepare for some serious jewel envy, and start shopping!
5.Bones and Feathers Collective Navy Petite Mayan Pendant
6. Rocks Paper Metal Neon Yellow Teardrop Earrings
7. Sophie Monet The Malachite Ring
8. NolaBella Paua Shell Cuff
9. Earthling Bone Cuff
10. Vagabond Queen Mira Geode Pendant
11. Muses and Rebels Neon Geo Earrings
12. Alisa Michelle Starlight Necklace 
13. Pretty Little Things White Prism Statement Cuff
14. Androgyny Jewelry Steel Nail Ring
16. LyraLoveStar Gold Double Chain Ring

3 thoughts on “Currently Craving: JewelMint’s New Collective

  1. I love the new crisp look of your site and the way you have laid out his collection! Looking forward to your fashion week posts especially!

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