Guess What Today Is?!

Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! It’s July 11th! Do you know what that means? It’s Kate Middleton’s due date! Apparently there is some nonsense about it maybe being pushed back to saturday, but today is the original. And in honor of that, here is a list of the top articles surrounding the impending birth. Everyone is anxious to report on everything, and it can get a little silly. But it’s also pretty exciting!



Apparently the due date has been ‘officially’ changed to the 14th. Or the 13th. Or Maybe today. Who really knows anymore.

William’s Helicopter Has Left Anglesey! IS THIS FINALLY HAPPENING?! Cool down, people, he’s only just flown in to be with Kate. Mhmmm…

5 Things We Know About Kate Middleton’s Royal Birth. She plans to have a natural birth, they don’t know the sex of the baby, and the birth will be announced with a 41-gun salute and via….Easel. And Twitter.

Other Things We Know, In More Detail. Really guys, we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. Also, if the birth occurs in the middle of the night, the Queen will not be informed until she awakens naturally in the morning. And the Queen will not go to the baby, the baby will be brought to the Queen.

No Baby Yet, But an Official Title For Baby Cambridge. They might not have a name or a gender, but the baby will be given the official title of HRH Prince/ Princess of Cambridge.

Heir to Make History: Royal Daughter Can be Queen! Previously only a son could one day take the Throne. Progress!

Guess the Baby’s Gender Based on Kate’s Maternity Style. We might not know, but we can guess! Pink and blue are easy, but what about dalmation? What does that signify?

Royal Mint To Celebrate Baby’s Birth by Giving Away 2,013 Silver Coins. If you’re baby is born on the same day as the future King or Queen, you get a reward!

All the Details on Kate’s Birthing Suite. It’s really swanky. Seriously, her hospital meals are probably better than your regular meals.

Cameras Line Up Weeks Early at the Hospital. Everyone is assigned a spot, there are risers, it’s a little crazy. But in a really organized way.

Kate is “Nervous” To Give Birth But Feeling Great. And just in case you didn’t think she was feeling great, US Weekly reminds you about 17 times in this article.

 Kate Has Been Looking Into Hypno-Birthing. In case that is too weird, she has also been doing yoga.

20 Things That Will Happen When the Royal Baby is Born. “A famous baby whose name isn’t a noun will finally enter mainstream tabloid culture”.

Maternity Designs for The Duchess of Cambridge. Karl Lagerfeld’s dress totally looks like something she would wear, right?

 All of Kate’s Real Maternity Outfits. Seriously could there be a cuter pregnant person?

Princess Diana’s Pregnancy Style. Well she’s cute too, but lets be honest, 80’s fashion is just not as good.

 Kate and Diana’s Pregnancy Style, Helpfully Compared. Peach Supreme! Green Goddess! On the Dot!

 Kate’s Favorite Pregnancy Dish is Vegetarian Curry. Stop. The. Presses. That. Is. So. Exciting.

 Kate is “Nervous” To Give Birth But Feeling Great. And just in case you didn’t think she was feeling great, US Weekly reminds you about 17 times in this article.

What The Baby Will Be Like Based on Kate and Will’s Childhood Photos. The child will ski and be generally adorable.

 9 Crazy Royal Baby Souvenirs. Keep in mind the baby hasn’t even been born yet and there are already commemorative plaques, pink and blue nail polish sets, and royal baby sick bags.

 Alison Jackson’s Imagined Portraits of the Royal Family. Despite what you might think, these are not real. Remember, the baby is still in Kate’s stomach, in case you needed reminding.

 8 Things Kate Middleton Should Know Before Giving Birth. Like, don’t follow the advice of others. Ok… we’ll be sure to give her to follow that advice.

19 of the Best and Worst #RoyalBabyNames– Joffrey seems good, right?

Here’s What Americans Want The Baby To Be Named. Surveys are fun!

Snooki’s Excellent Open Letter to Kate. “Sing to your booger.” Ew.

 Kate vs. Kim’s Pregnancies. Totally worth comparing, right?

 And just in case you need anything else, E!Online has a pretty extensive Royal Baby Watch happening.

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