The 40 Best Back To School Accessories

Untitled-1Alrighty guys, as much as I hate to admit it, back to school time has rolled around once again. Personally for me it’s a bit scary, I’m starting my senior year in college – eek! For some, back to school represents a little more quiet time around the house, for others it means entrapment in a classroom and too much time spent on homework, and for the lucky few it represents ¬†the excitement of a new, fresh year. Sad as is it to see summer go, going back to school is still a fun time- you get to see your friends, you might get to be the big shots on campus, and you can finally break out your plaid and get ready for some serious leaf stomping. Back to school is also an important time in terms of possessions. No back to school ensemble is complete without the best backpacks, coolest notebooks, and sparkliest pens. Click on through for forty fabulous back to school accessories. And if you aren’t going back to school, that’s ok too- backpacks are super chic right now, cases shaped like foods are fun, and who doesn’t love a newer, cuter iPhone case?¬†Click through below!

Currently Craving: The Union Jack

You know, I love the Union Jack. It is, in my opinion, pretty much the coolest flag ever. And what better place to wear it loud and proud than in London?! We start off with the Charlotte Olympia Jubilee Pandora (1), appropriately british and celebratory. Alexander McQueen has quite a few Union Jack bags, like the De Manta Clutch (2),  Classic Britannia (5) and Crystal Britannia (6), for those who prefer something a little sparklier. The Keep Calm and Carry On Union Jack iPhone Case (3) couldn’t be cooler, and, fun fact, did you know the Keep Calm and Carry on Poster was never really popular or widely used in the War? Yet it is so popular today.
For a more subtle flag print, the Vivienne Westwood Union Jack Printed Gown (4) is perfect. We jump right down to 7 (see 5 and 6 above) and into puddles in our Hunter Vintage Union Jack Wellies (7). In terms of actually, wear-every-day clothes, the options include Religion Union Jack Skinny jeans (8) (which are only really wearable if you’re the super daring sort) and Markus Lupfer’s Union Jack Bag Sequined Sweater (9), which is just daring enough yet totally cool.

London Calling

Dearest Blog Readers, yes, the rumors are true. I am moving to London! For the semester only, don’t worry. I’m so excited to live in the land of red phone booths, tea, fish and chips, Mary Katrantzou, Alexander McQueen, and Burberry (just to name a few). And of course, the Royals. I’ll be studying at Central Saint Martins and living in the East End. If any of you have suggestions on what to do they are more than welcome, I’ve never been to London before!

Of course, you expect lots of updates, if not on my blog, then on my Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@maryalessandraa) . I’ll still be posting regularly, but it’ll be comin’ from London, which makes it so much cooler, right? And the best part is that I’ll be in London for Fashion Week, and hopefully Paris as well! So the street styles will pretty much be awesome. 
I’m so excited!