For the Guys: Dressing for the Fourth

The Fourth of July is so fun, isn’t it? It’s the only time one can wear Red, White, and Blue together without looking like a fool, and it’s an even better excuse to buy new clothing. While the Ladies have a little bit more of a variety to choose from, there are still some great pieces for guys. Bonobos is going all out with special edition “Bold Glory” Shorts (1) and Bow ties (2). The J.Crew Plaid Shirt (3) and the 4. Ray-Bans (4) are a little more toned down, but still patriotic. The two belts are probably my favorite items, especially the  Smathers and Branson American Flag Needlepoint Belt (5) but Anderson’s Striped Belt (6) isn’t bad either. The Rag and Bone Shorts (7) are fun and aren’t too 4th-of-July-y- you could wear them any time of the year, really. And finally, we have the TOMS (8), which are really just too cool for words.

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