For the Fourth: Swimwear

In the second post (the first of women’s) for attire appropriate for celebrating our great nation that is the US of A on the fourth of the seventh month of the year, we have swimwear! because, what better way to celebrate our independence than in barely-there clothing? In our nations colors and patterns, of course. We start out with suits that are sophisticated, could be worn at other times during the summer, but are still vaguely patriotic. “What?! My suit is blue! And fringed! Doesn’t our flag have fringe on it?!” Yes, I think it does. Point made, in your Norma Kamali Fringed Bikini (2) no less. That argument won’t work with the YSL High-Waisted Bandeau Bikini (1) or the Noelle Holly Ruched Underwire Swimsuit (3) but I’m sure you could come up with something. They are red and white, after all.
Next, we get into those things a little  more patriotic, like the J.Crew Searsucker Tank Swimsuit (4) and the Old Navy Gingham Skirthed-Halter Bikini (5). OK, so they might not be super 4th-y, but they are still summery. The Xhilaration Reversible Bikini (6) is probably the most America-Loving you can get, while the Miu Miu Plunge-Front Swimsuit (7) is probably the least (but navy is a color of ours, right?) Lisa Marie Fernandez is basically killin’ it with her one-piece (8) and bikini (9) in red, white, and blue stripe. Killin’ it.

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