Couture Fall 2012 Roundup, Day 2

Christian Dior
Well, really now, what is there left to say? Everyone else in the Fashion World has pretty much covered it. I found it to be magnificent, truly splendid. The clothes could not be farther from Galliano’s version of Dior- there were no grand flower ball gowns, there were no over the top theatrics. But what there was was beautiful tailoring, silhouettes that looked back to Dior’s New Look, and the definite Raf Simmons presence. He is taking Dior in a whole new direction, but a modern and beautiful one.
LOVE the dye!
Giambattista Valli
Giambattista Valli may be the only person in existence who can mix red and green without conjuring up even the slightest notion of Christmastime. In his biggest and best foray into prints (read: florals) Valli excelled. His collection, inspired by fairies in dreamy woodlands was gorgeous, modern, and romantic, without being stuffy. A magical job indeed.
I think the Chanel show was fine. I normally have and rave and rave and rave to anyone who will listen about Chanel Couture, Chanel Shoes, Chanel Bags, Karl and his cat, any Chanel thing, really. But I didn’t rave this time (about the couture. I still talk about the shoes, the nail polish, the tweed, etc.) I liked everything in the show, as I always do, but I wasn’t really blown away, and I also usually am. I did, however, love the fuchsia tweed suit, I am a sucker for Pink, any shade. I also loved the long, lean silhouette created by both drapey pants, long skirts, and longer jackets. I also liked the nubby knits, the soft color pallet, and the patch-work-like tweed. I could have done without some of the sequins, and definitely the silver tights. 

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