A Day with Donna

A few weeks ago I was invited to the SF Ballet’s Annual Fashion Show at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. This year, the fashion show was Donna Karan’s Fall 2012 collection. And it was beautiful. I mean, knockout gorgeous. I was so in love with just about every piece. A lot of Donna Karan is a little too old for me, but I figured I could always buy now and wear in my 30’s. Right?
I didn’t bring my camera, because I thought it might have been indelicate to pair a dainty Miu Miu clutch with a giant camera 3x it’s size. You’ll have to pardon the photos, they are a little blurry and not as great as I like my photos to be, but I couldn’t resist sharing the event and the clothes with you all. 
Oh, and also, I ha the pleasure of talking to Donna herself. She is the absolute nicest, most gracious person I have ever met. We chatted for a bit, and I got a big old hug from her. It. Was. Amazing.

We’re best friends, can’t you tell?

Also, here is the video of the final!

Carlos Miele F/W 12

With Sean and Anthony Souza, the brazilian brother dj duo who are quickly gaining notoriety thanks to Madonna and NYFW, spinning for him on the runway, Carlos Miele, known mostly for his dresses, showed his latest collection, inspired by the gauchas, or the women, of Rio Grande do Sul. Seems appropriate, for him being a brazilian designer and all. Miele wanted to capture “the sensation of freedom one imagines the gaucha feels when she is riding horses or walking through the fields of the boundless Brazilian pampas…” (the pampas, it should be noted, are fields. But pampas sounds more exotic, doesn’t it?)

Miele showcased not only dresses, and beautifully so, but he also had a small little array of pants and jumpsuits, which were really nice to see. And what was even cooler was that he showed the pants and jumpsuits with furs. And I looove a good fur. I sort-of wanted to jump onto the runway, steal the giant fur poncho, run home, and snuggle with it for a few days.

Don’t worry though, there were so many other good things besides fur. Besides a few weird things like a dress made of pieces of fabric that got progressively wider the farther down they got (a cool idea- like fabric size ombre, but the result was more just, strange looking) Miele’s collection was a hit, particularly in the tiny pleats of fabric or the scrunched-up-pleated-up chiffon, the bolero jackets, and the more-is-more-but-not-top thing he has going on. The gowns flowed beautifully thanks to their light fabric, and they were accessorized with authentic gaucha hats and sashes. (Putting daytime accessories with evening wear is one of my favorite things, by the way). The geometric prints were inspired by, what else, traditional gaucha sashes and ponchos, and the color palette by the landscape. Miele was truly at home this season. Spin on.

Sean Souza is thinking _______