A Day with Donna

A few weeks ago I was invited to the SF Ballet’s Annual Fashion Show at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco. This year, the fashion show was Donna Karan’s Fall 2012 collection. And it was beautiful. I mean, knockout gorgeous. I was so in love with just about every piece. A lot of Donna Karan is a little too old for me, but I figured I could always buy now and wear in my 30’s. Right?
I didn’t bring my camera, because I thought it might have been indelicate to pair a dainty Miu Miu clutch with a giant camera 3x it’s size. You’ll have to pardon the photos, they are a little blurry and not as great as I like my photos to be, but I couldn’t resist sharing the event and the clothes with you all. 
Oh, and also, I ha the pleasure of talking to Donna herself. She is the absolute nicest, most gracious person I have ever met. We chatted for a bit, and I got a big old hug from her. It. Was. Amazing.

We’re best friends, can’t you tell?

Also, here is the video of the final!

T.J.Maxx: The Gift of Giving

I recently got a lovely little gift card in the mail from T.J.Maxx to go and go crazy in one of their stores! Just kidding, that’s not actually what it was for. Or was it? Thanks to CollegeFashionista and T.J.Maxx I was bequeathed $50.00 whole dollars to spend. True to form, I spent more. And I spent more than 2 hours in the place- I mean, it was super overwhelming (I, clearly, had never been before, otherwise I probably would have been better prepared). Then I got to write all about it for CollegeFashionista. I figured I’d share! And if you don’t feel like reading, then just look at the pretty pictures.

Me! In My purchase! It was wrinkly, yeah, sorry, I’m human, it’s New York, we wear jackets, that we take off when photographing our shirts. I also did not accessorize in fear of taking the focus away from this grape raisin I am wearing.

A gift I got for a friend
I gift I got for a (boy)friend.
Sorry for ruining the surprise of your presents, guys.
 No, I am not a size 8.5 Any presents, please send in a 9.5 or 10.
Oh. Yes.
Yeah, that’s some Missoni that you are seeing right there.

It’s that time of year again, Fashionistas! As much as you may not want to think about it yet (I know, I know, Thanksgiving hasn’t even passed yet) it is time to start getting your holidays gifts ready! As a college student, gift giving can sometimes be tough, especially if you’re on a budget. However, there is a simple solution for that, and that simple solution is called TJ Maxx and Marshalls!
For those of you who have never been, TJ Maxx and Marshalls offers department store items at up to 60% off. I confess, I had never been to TJ Maxx until recently, but I was blown away with the selection of merchandise they had. I’m talking shoes from Miu Miu, Dolce and Gabbana, YSL, and Frye. Clothing from Missoni, Alice and Olivia, Marc Jacobs, Joie, and Michael Kors. You name it, they have it (including designer denim!) There were handbags galore and enough winter accessories to keep you and your children and grandchildren warm for years. In short, I was blown away. The only hard part of my experience was trying to decide which gifts to buy!
            I was there to purchase three gifts- one for one of my Fashionista friends, one for a Fashionisto, and, of course, one for myself (I really can’t go shopping without buying something for myself, sorry parents) I began with the hardest first- the Fashionisto. In my opinion, men are the hardest to shop for (although I know they say the opposite about us). So I usually stick to one of three things: a general accessory such as a beanie or scarf, a tech accessory, or some new PJ’s. I have found that boys guys men really love the new pajamas, either because they never buy them for themselves, or they just don’t realize how essential they are until they get a new pair. Of course, PJ’s are on the more difficult end, since you need to know their size. This is one of the reasons why I stay away from buying clothing, that and the fact that a lot of Fashionistos I know are extremely particular about their clothing. My brother, for one, has a list of things he won’t wear so long that reading even halfway through it could make your eyes hurt for a few weeks. Another option is a tech accessory- something like new headphones, an IPod dock or speakers.  Luckily, TJ Maxx had quite a nice selection of things like that. I ended up, however, getting a beanie for my Fashionisto. It will be perfect in the upcoming snowy days, and, since it doesn’t require knowing a size, will make a great gift.
            For my fashionable Fashionista friends, I usually stick with some kind of accessory (again), since knowing sizes and styles can be hard, and are so subjective. Jewelry makes a great gift, as do handbags, wallets, clutches, and other accessories such as scarves, hats, or gloves. No, these aren’t stereotypical at all. However, one of my favorite things to give are beauty products, especially if they come in sets, and especially when those sets are holiday themed, like the Philosophy Peppermint bark box I got.  It is something any Fashionista would love, provided she loves bathing.
            Of course, no shopping trip is complete without a purchase for myself! I walked away with a really great, really versatile purple silk button down from DKNY, which will look great during the holiday season and beyond. I plan to dress mine up with fun jewelry, dark jeans, and either cute flats or heels for a Holiday party, or to wear it with a great scarf, jeans, and boots during the day.
And the best part, Fashionistas? My total was only $59.12. Only $9.12 over my limit, which, for me, is quite a victory.

DKNY Resort Runway Show

Wow, wow, wow. I have to say, I wasn’t always a die-hard DKNY-er, although I have always admired Donna for being such a strong female voice in the industry, and being so passionate about giving back.  Recently, the Donna has been impressing me more and more, and I love it. After two gorgeous s/s12 collections she had me sold. After this resort show, I am the equivalent of an obsessed groupie.

This show was GORGEOUS. There were so many practical but really great pieces that every girl would die to have in her wardrobe. Blazers, great pants, fabulous outerwear, sequins, paillettes, and the fur! Ohmigod the fur! I mean, that red coat speaks for itself (I took at least 10,000 pictures of it).

One of the most amazing parts of the evening was when Donna Karen actually spoke and introduced the collection herself, citing ‘the night’ as a reference. “What is Donna Karen black?” she asked, “We all love black, we look thin in black, we look sexy in black, we go from day to evening in black, we can never have enough black.” One of the cutest moments was when she told the audience how her granddaughter went in her closet and asked, “Grandma, do you like any color but black?” Of course, Donna’s response was that yes, she liked red. After all, red and black are the same (at least to her).

She went on to explain how the collection was about the masculine and feminine, skinny pants, blazers, scarves, color, prints, glamour, and sequins (“you can never have enough brightness”). So basically, every trend that’s trending right now. Ok…well, anyways, the collection was beautiful. The clothes moved beautifully, the style was beautiful, the fur was beautiful! (ok I’ll stop mentioning it, I promise). And right on trend (how could it not be, with so many trends). I may jest, but I really did love the show. I’m going to go broke buying it all. Oh dear…

Take a look below at some photos of the event, and some of my favorite pieces!

Donna Karen herself and Mary Alice Stephenson coming out to introduce the show.
 Lykke Li performing the jams the models walked to.
OBSESSED with this coat. 
Seriously, I need it. Like, now.

And my outfit: (sadly, it includes no Donna Karen, oops!)
J.Crew Shirt
Marc Jacobs Jacket
Citizens of Humanity Jeans
Tasha Bib Necklace
Toy Watch
Alexander Wang Boots
(My favorites, even though they KILL my feet)