Teen Vogue

Hey Everyone! Happy Labor Day! It just came to my attention that I was featured as one of Teen Vogue’s Best Dressed Readers of the Day! This was a few months ago, but I literally just discovered it as I was doing a handy google search of my name this morning, to see what I look like as a brand (thanks Mashable, and mom). I know you’ve all seen this photo before, but I couldn’t resist sharing it again!
Check out my little spiel here.

Juicy Couture x CollegeFashionista

Tis past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Juicy Couture x CollegeFashionista campus tour event in NYC! It was so much fun- there was finger food, mocktails, Parsons students sketching the guests, a meet-and-greet with the founder and creative director, Amy Levin, discounts, raffles, and more.

Of course, there were so many stylish guests in attendance- I simply had to share with you! Because I have so.many.photos. I’ve made a separate album so you can go see them all and bask in their glory. Bask away.
But here are a few of the best shots!

 Juicy Baby Stroller. When can I have a baby? Now please, just for this.