NYFW Spring 2014 Day 2

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Teen Vogue

Hey Everyone! Happy Labor Day! It just came to my attention that I was featured as one of Teen Vogue’s Best Dressed Readers of the Day! This was a few months ago, but I literally just discovered it as I was doing a handy google search of my name this morning, to see what I look like as a brand (thanks Mashable, and mom). I know you’ve all seen this photo before, but I couldn’t resist sharing it again!
Check out my little spiel here.


Ok…so…this is embarrassing.
I still have photos from Fashion Week that I haven’t put up….
I’m sorry! I’ve been busy ok?
If you’ll forgive me, better late than never! And if you don’t forgive me, too bad, the pictures are coming your way anyways.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Jason Wu.
Actually, he isn’t in any of these photos, but they were taken outside his show, so, you know.