An Ode to Winter

Since New York is finally warming up just a little bit, I thought now would be an appropriate time to publish a few snowy photos from this past Fashion Week. Having spent the weekend in 80-degree weather in California, New York is freezing by comparison. But at least we don’t need our winter coats and snow boots anymore!

Gearing up for Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner, and I’m so excited! Here are some photos from Fashion Week in Paris and London last fall. I’m not going to those this time around, but that doesn’t lesson my excitement for NYFW!

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PFW, 1

 It’s my first time at Paris Fashion Week, and I am loving it! It is completely crazy-bananas, like, even crazier than New York and London combined (and probably Milan as well, but I haven;t been to Milan for Fashion Week, yet, so I can;t really judge). There are more street style photographers than actual attendees, and the photographers literally swoop in all at once every time they see something they like. If that something happens to be someone along the lines of Anna Dello Russo or Ulyana Sergeenko, they will literally trample over one another to get a photo. Trust me, I’ve been shoved and trapped more times than I care to remember. But I’m not complaining, because yes, I love it. I try to not get stressed out by the craziness, instead I almost try to laugh at it. Because, really, watching photographers literally climb on top of one another to get just one shot is pretty funny. Here are photos from my first day around PFW, and, despite the fact that there are way too many, keep in mind that this is about 1/4 of all the photos I could have published. And stay tuned for more insanity from Paris!

How do you think it is, trying to get through airport security with that bag?