PFW, 1

 It’s my first time at Paris Fashion Week, and I am loving it! It is completely crazy-bananas, like, even crazier than New York and London combined (and probably Milan as well, but I haven;t been to Milan for Fashion Week, yet, so I can;t really judge). There are more street style photographers than actual attendees, and the photographers literally swoop in all at once every time they see something they like. If that something happens to be someone along the lines of Anna Dello Russo or Ulyana Sergeenko, they will literally trample over one another to get a photo. Trust me, I’ve been shoved and trapped more times than I care to remember. But I’m not complaining, because yes, I love it. I try to not get stressed out by the craziness, instead I almost try to laugh at it. Because, really, watching photographers literally climb on top of one another to get just one shot is pretty funny. Here are photos from my first day around PFW, and, despite the fact that there are way too many, keep in mind that this is about 1/4 of all the photos I could have published. And stay tuned for more insanity from Paris!

How do you think it is, trying to get through airport security with that bag?

FN Summit: Leandra Medine

Photo Courtesy of WWD

If you don’t know who Leandra Medine, aka The Man Repeller, is, you must be living under a rock. This girl is a fashion phenom, women adore her, and contrary to the name, so do men, as her upcoming nuptials would imply. The Man Repeller was born only two years ago, and though still in its infancy, is one of the most popular blogs on the planet, garnering an astonishing 2 million views a month. One of Leandra’s good friends, Rachel S., told her, in her response to Leandra’s question of why, out of the three guys she was dating, not one would commit (Wait. Dating three guys at once? How’s that man-repelling?) Rachel simply said, “Leandra, you’re a man repeller”. And thus, the blog was born.
Photo Courtesy MR
 She received press very quickly due to her unique approach and point of view, but Leandra didn’t realize she was sitting on a real business until she was ranked the number 1, out of 25, top voice in fashion by Ad Magazine. So she got serious, set up a calendar, and started treating her blog “like a real editorial publication.” She has since collaborated with such brands like Dannijo (they are all best friends though), Del Toro, Rebecca Minkoff (another friend), Saks, Barneys, and has contributed to numerous magazines. Pretty impressive for someone who is just one year out of college.
Photo Courtesy MR
She credits social media for letting her market herself and build up her brand, to the point where people wanted, and still want, a part of it – she has a book coming out in September and wants to create a lifestyle brand to “celebrate women and female intellect, because that’s really what the blog is about.” She gets to learn about her readers, and how most sales she receives commission on happen between 1-5am, because of it. She also credits social media for getting her her engagement-party shoes, a pair of orange, lace up Alaia’s from 2008. She posted about it, a reader found them in a Barney’s Outlet in Honolulu, and they just happened to have her size. Seriously? It’s like she lives in a fairytale. Oh, she also got the shoes, originally $1500, or $176. “And that, is the power of social media”.
But what about her wedding shoes? “I’m wearing a pair of Superga sneakers….what, you all asked!”