PFW, 1

 It’s my first time at Paris Fashion Week, and I am loving it! It is completely crazy-bananas, like, even crazier than New York and London combined (and probably Milan as well, but I haven;t been to Milan for Fashion Week, yet, so I can;t really judge). There are more street style photographers than actual attendees, and the photographers literally swoop in all at once every time they see something they like. If that something happens to be someone along the lines of Anna Dello Russo or Ulyana Sergeenko, they will literally trample over one another to get a photo. Trust me, I’ve been shoved and trapped more times than I care to remember. But I’m not complaining, because yes, I love it. I try to not get stressed out by the craziness, instead I almost try to laugh at it. Because, really, watching photographers literally climb on top of one another to get just one shot is pretty funny. Here are photos from my first day around PFW, and, despite the fact that there are way too many, keep in mind that this is about 1/4 of all the photos I could have published. And stay tuned for more insanity from Paris!

How do you think it is, trying to get through airport security with that bag?

Hello Again

Hello World! I have returned from the depths of the school work pit, and I have some exciting news!

Next Monday, I will be blogging for the Footwear News WWD Summit! For those of you who don’t know, the WWD Summits are like big conferences, and each has a specific purpose. There have been beauty summits, denim summits, and so on. Each has speakers involved in the industry, and to go you have to be working in that specific field.

For this particular summit, the topic is..SHOES! My fave topic, obviously. Speakers include Stuart Weitzman, Rebecca Minkoff, Tabitha Simmons, The Man Repeller, and Blake Mycoskie, Founder of Toms. This is the first time they have invited bloggers to participate, and I will be among an impressive group, including Stylesight, Clyde from Inside the Sneaker Box, Luxury Daily, and The Quest For It.

I will be live blogging, tweeting, maybe facebooking or pinning, all whilst asking questions and basking in the glory of all the awesome attendees, speakers, bloggers, and the like.

I can’t wait! Stay tuned!