At the Garden Gates

You may remember I had a wedding to attend recently, and luckily I found an outfit. My Badgley Mischka dress (also available in sequin color) was a little big, actually, almost 2 sizes too big, but I wore it anyway, because what’s a summer wedding without a yellow dress? (I don’t know, a regular wedding?) And it goes with my favorite Miu Miu wooden sandals (They are kind of old, but I found some similar pairs), and what’s a wedding without some wooden sandals? (See above for answer). I also had on some bangles my mother got me at the Union Sq. holiday market last year, one of which broke the first time I put it on. Luckily, these didn’t break. Though they did get glitter all over me.

Dressing For: a Summer Wedding

Spring and Summer and definitely prime Wedding season, and why not? The weather is (usually) amazing (depending on where you are), and everyone is tanner and more beautiful, therefore happier to go and celebrate. I only have one wedding to go to this summer, so I guess that makes me either unpopular, or without enough friends of the marrying age. I’m excited for the impending wedding, though, as it will feature cowboy boots (the groom is from Texas). And, we have known the bride and groom for a long time, so it’s extra super exciting. I have my monogramed hanky all ready to go.
I still don’t know what I’m wearing, and the wedding is like, today, so here are three little outfits I, or you, could potentially wear. While each would work for a specific theme, they also could work for any theme, though you might want to switch out the white denim jacket, unless it is a southern, cowboy-boot-like-affair. Most ensembles feature either pastels, brights, or floral. How on trend you and I’ll be! Though if you really want to make a statement I suggest the Dolce and Gabanna Tomato Dress and Prada Flame or Lipstick Heels. Or sneakers, to cause an even bigger uproar.
For a refined event in a church, country club, or whatnot
Zara Dress and Blazer
Asos Heels and Clutch
Forever 21 Bracelet and Necklace
For a casual, country wedding
Floral Dress
White Denim Jacket
Dolce Vita Sandals
Vera Wang Flats
Aldo Wedges
Elizabeth and James Earrings
Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses
Clare Vivier Clutch
A delicte Necklace
For a fun or beachy wedding
Rebecca Minkoff Jacket
Thakoon Addition Dress
Dannijo Necklace
YSL Clutch
Charlotte Olympia Heels
Elie Tahari Wedges

What Jack Wore: The Deb Ball

Oh, the Deb Ball. A time for girls to parade around in white dresses and gloves on a day that isn’t their wedding. They have to curtsy and waltz, and their escorts do most of the same, except they have to wear a super formal tux. We’re talking coat, tails, gloves, the whole shebang. The only part missing is the top hat. I’m actually surprised they don’t have to wear that. I guess it’s just a little old-fashioned, just like the Deb Ball. Not that I’m against presenting you daughter to the world as eligible to marry, but this isn’t the 1900’s, girls don’t really need to be presented in order to find a husband. Though, at my 18th birthday, my lovely sister announced that I was eligible to marry, and where there any takers? So I guess, in a way, I was presented. Any takers?